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Historic Building Souvenir Collection #21

Prices range from $85-$1,000
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Maxx Sizeler

Picking Up
The Pieces
See Time Capsule Project below

Sept. 8 ~ Oct. 9, 2007
Opening Reception
Saturday Sept. 8, 2007

Time Capsule Project

During the opening, I will be preparing the burial of a Time Capsule on the grounds of Barrister’s Gallery—to be re-opened in 2057. My intent is for participants to write about their feelings and experiences living in our post-Katrina environment. The messages will be wax sealed in bottles which will then be encased in two metal containers.


1. Choose a bottle for your message (You can share a bottle with a friend.)
Large bottles    $10.00
Smaller bottles  $5.00

All the bottles were found in New Orleans neighborhoods,
post-Katrina, and reflect different time periods of the city.
All the proceeds will be given to the Lower 9th
Ward Health Clinic (

2. The messages will be hand written in the gallery on paper I will provide.

3.   The GPS coordinates of the Capsule will be recorded
with the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank Archive
 (www.; however, to assure the survival  of your message, with your permission, I will photograph your message and archive it on the same site, where it will be made publicly available in 2057. If you’d rather not have it photographed, it will be sealed in the bottle immediately. 
Maxx Sizeler